Improve The Mood In Your Home Office Space In Cebu With The Following Hacks

Improve The Mood In Your Home Office Space In Cebu With The Following Hacks

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It will take lots of will power to completely focus on work while being able to ignore what’s going on around them. Whether they are sounds or sights, these external factors most definitely affect how we concentrate.

In order to boost productivity, people should be able to make their spaces conducive to work by changing their environments, even in really small ways. In this article, we are going to talk about ways how we can tweak the sights and sounds around us to help boost our mood and creativity thus improving productivity. Anyway, who wants to put in more time at work just because they cannot concentrate?

Choose an isolated, yet clean and well-lighted spot to work in

Establish your work-space remotely as possible from where social gatherings take place — such as the sala or the dining room. This sounds really logical, because sometimes we want to take part in the happenings and yet assume we can come up with quality output. Sure, you may see yourself as the master of multi-tasking— being able to hold conversations while watching Netflix and working at the same time; however, you are in fact not working efficiently.

When you are far away from all the talk and activity, your mind won’t be diverted and your focus will be solely on the tasks at hand.

Walls and doors will help lessen distractions

Your office space may be an unlively fortress of solitude due to its remoteness, but having the ability to shut yourself in behind closed doors and keep away distracting noises is a contributing factor in heightening your creative powers. Closed doors also mean that work’s taking place, and that only important disruptions are allowed.

If ordinary walls just won’t make it, think of something else. Not every home or workspace can easily take on the construction of new walls and doors. We also have to admit that building walls and doors are mighty costly. An option you can do is by having sliding doors or walls built or if that is still not viable, opt for using headphones that can drown the noise.

Listening to your favorite playlist with headphones on while does help improve your focus, instead of hearing that blaring television in the living room.

Let the sunshine in

Being exposed to sunlight during the AM hours keeps your system in sync with the place you are located in. So, do you think it ain’t an important factor? When your rhythms aren’t aligned with the cosmos, your mental performance decreases, and your physical and emotional states are negatively affected. But still, being far from distractions is far better for productivity over the sake of just being exposed to the sun.

Choose high windows for an improved attention span

If there’s so much activity going on outside your office window that distractions keep shifting your attention — like say you are working in an area near lots of human traffic — have your windows built in a higher location. If this scheme doesn’t work, you may use heavy curtains on the lower half of your windows to keep the activity going on outside from distracting you while still letting in the sun’s light.

Tint your lighting

Warm, yellowing light makes you feel relaxed however the use of blue light has been proven to improve mental alertness. Purchase lightbulbs that are cool to the yes to be able to enjoy the blue light you need. However, never buy lightbulbs that are heavily tinted. As much as possible the light should imitate like that of a natural light; anything that is unnatural will just give more distraction.

Minimize the amount of visual complexity

Visual complexity may be quite a mouthful to define, but it’s really crucial when we talk about how it affects concentration.  To avoid sensory overload, when you’re doing highly intuitive tasks, it’s critical that your space is not to visually busy.

Having a low visual complexity is what you want in your workspace. There are things in your environment that will catch your eyes but make sure the place is not too cluttered.

Ceiling height is also a factor

Our brains think more creatively in places that have more vertical space, so if the work you are doing at home requires creativity, put your work area under the highest ceiling. But, still make sure that such place is clutter and distraction free.

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