Guide to Create the Ideal Office

A Guide for a Start-Up Business in Creating the Ideal Office Space In The Philippines

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After years of investing and planning, you’ve finally decided to set up your business and get your own office space. It’s exciting to find the ideal location in which to begin your journey as an entrepreneur, and although the process may seem a bit stressful at the start, it will turn out as a very fulfilling task. Ask anyone who’s been there. Every successful venture has once gone through the same way that you are going through now.

Keep in mind that having a strong plan and keeping a keen and open mind in finding the ideal office space will be one of the first steps you will be taking towards success.

Strategize your floor plan

How do you see the work space of your future office? Do you envision a large, open shared office space that’s very ideal to great communication and teamwork especially among millennials? Or do you prefer separate cubicles that provide peace and privacy to your staff as they meet with your clients? How about a combination of both? Think about how your business will operate and plan the floor accordingly.

Where are you planning to set up your office?

You need to find the right location where your business will operate. Keep in mind that based on your contract or terms and conditions required, you may be staying there for a really long time. Choose a place that is very functional. Consider how expensive rent is in the city, while going off the grid may be problematic in terms of accessibility.

Think about the lease

Make sure, before signing anything, you’ve negotiated your lease. Committing yourself to a bad lease can bring in a lot of unwanted repercussions in the future. Be in the know of who is responsible for doing the upkeep and maintenance of your spot. Also, be wary of any hidden costs. Longer leases may be good in terms of savings, but what if you decide to terminate it before your contract ends? Always have a lawyer check the contracts before you sign anything.

Size matters in terms of workspace

It is not wise in terms of practicality and budget to move from office to office as the number of your staff grows. A wise decision is to rent out a big place keeping in mind your company expansion in the future.

Are you considering any compromise? How about sharing with others?

For a new or startup business, you may not have a large budget to find an office space of your own. A good and quite practical option is to share office space with other small businesses. Not only does it save you more money, but it also gives you the chance to create your network and mingle with other people. It’s about finding the office of another business that gives you a better perspective on what’s happening in other industries. Aside from that, you can find advice and ideas from others when you need them.

The office space in Cebu which you’ll choose serves as your headquarters and therefore is a determining factor in your business growth. Finding the right space is important choice to make and it would be better to hold off than to find yourself in an unsuitable workplace. With these factors in mind, are you ready to take a plunge and start your own office?

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