Good work Habits and Why You Should Have Them

Good Work Habits and Why You Should Have them

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After you’ve settle down in your office space in Cebu, it’s a good idea to develop work habits that reflect a positive view to help the organization grow. Everyone enjoys working with people who report to work every day, interact positively, take great pride in their work and complete their tasks on time. By having good work habits, you can show your value to your colleagues and your boss. They can’t help but respect and feel admiration for your hard work and efficiency.

Here are some good work habits that every Filipino staff should have for a productive organization:


Don’t be late for work. By being early to work, you start the day feeling relaxed and settled.

Step up and Have Initiative

Take the initiative to get tasks accomplished – even if that means you have to do some of the dirty work – just do it.

Be Neat, Tidy and Clean

Make sure your desk or workstation is neat, clean and pleasant. Clear clutter immediately and wash your mug at the end of the workday. The same attitude applies to the general office area and restrooms – use them considerately for others to enjoy as well.

Develop a Good Work System

Having a good system makes the work process easier. Generally, established companies have a standard operating procedure (SOP) manual as a guideline. If all you have are verbal instructions, develop your own checklist of how tasks should be done.

Have Good Organizational Habits

With good organizational habits, such as time management, note-taking and paying attention to details, workers may succeed in their professional and personal lives. Being organized helps staff focus on what needs to be done. By using tools such as calendars, to-do lists and email reminders, employees can work more efficiently and complete tasks before their deadlines. Being organized shows that the people in the workplace are professionals who are seriously committed in achieving their work goals.

Focus on Productivity

In a world flooded with technological tools that make life a breeze, there is a huge focus on productivity in the office. People postpone work for a variety of reasons; but, too much procrastination can sideline their career. They might be afraid to succeed at work or presume that a task will be too difficult. To show good work ethic, you can benefit from tackling tasks head-on and getting assistance when they seem too challenging.

Focus on Performance

Good work habits are essential to positive performance evaluations and continuing employment in a company. A manager writes an employee’s evaluation and recommends a pay increase for effective performance; but, he usually doesn’t give a raise for mediocre performance. He mentions what areas need improvement; but, he may not take as much time to acknowledge many things that an employee does well. One way to get a better evaluation is to increase efficiency in your job, making you free to assist others with their tasks, which represents extra productivity and makes you an important asset to the organization.

Keep Tab of an Employee’s Good Work Habits

It’s important to keep track of good work habits when employees are looking for jobs or seeking promotions. As applicants, they want their current supervisor and personal references to explain to a prospective boss how hard they work, how well they know their jobs and how reliable they are for meeting work goals.

Sometimes, employees think they have good work habits; but, when they seek honest feedback from their manager, they learn there’s still room for improvements. If you take time to develop work habits that make you more efficient, those good habits will carry on to your future jobs.

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