Four Unique Ways to Boost Office Productivity

Four Unique Ways to Boost Office Productivity

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I have a question. Do you want your staff to deliver more during work hours? Some bosses might think that putting inhibitions on things like mobile devices and Internet access is a wise decision, but many companies have found that giving their workers more freedom and flexibility through company policies is the key to increased efficiency.

Today, forward-thinking companies are evolving their benefits programs, and finding ways to drive employee productivity without spending too much. In fact, these companies are providing tools to help reduce the amount of time employees spend on personal issues, giving them time back in their day that they often use for work.

Here are four unique ways of addressing employee concerns while raising the bars of productivity:

Initiating family-care programs may reduce employee stress

Filipino culture revolves around the concept of family. Help employees manage their personal and professional lives with programs that enable them to address the most pressing and stressful needs in their lives: their families. These activities don’t just focus on childcare, either. Think about how you can help them take care of their aging parents and their entire households.

Providing flexibility helps employees work better

Consider both work schedule and work location. As long as work gets done, it shouldn’t matter where or when it was accomplished. Recent experts found that employees who work remotely even part of the time are both more engaged and more productive. If it’s possible for your employees to complete their tasks outside the office, give them the chance to do so.

Give them a breather through team building activities

Celebrating their birthdays, allowing budget for team lunches, holding quarterly group activities or even having a beer or snack cart for random holidays can boost team spirit and culture. Filipinos are fun-loving people; and, you cannot take the fun away if you want them to perform well. A break to have collective fun can reduce mental fatigue, increase collaboration and morale, and offer employees the opportunity to clear their heads.

Show gratitude and appreciation

The most productive companies have a policy and culture in place where the appreciation for each employee is apparent.

Some companies are hesitant to implement changes because they are concerned about costs, but these progressive policies are often not as expensive as employers may think.  Companies should figure out what the actual costs will be and even have pilot programs before rolling them out company-wide. There is also a misconception that employers will have to bring on additional staff to support these new activities. You likely have existing employees who can fit these new programs into their current job without sacrificing doing their duties. Most Pinoys are passionate about work-life balance and will be happy to help implement new policies to make their lives easier.

In the long run, these types of benefit programs and policies can actually have a positive impact on the company’s turnout as well. In fact, work-life balance programs will be a critical tool in the new workplace and have the ability to drive innovation, creativity, loyalty and may even boost employee productivity.

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