FAQs About Millenials in the Workforce

FAQs About Millenials in the Workforce

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Millennials – also known as Generation Y or Echo Boomers – have taken over almost the majority of the workforce all over the world. They grew up and come of age where there were significant changes, particularly technologies, that play a huge role in the workplace, such as office spaces in the Philippines.

According to an article by Forbes, the Millennials were quickly becoming the most influential population in the workforce as they are either reaching the peak of their employment career or graduating from college, which is very in demand for companies who are looking for fresher ideas and perception from employees.

To better understand how Millennials function in the workplace, here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that would help both Millennials and the other generations better understand them:

How Do Millennials Prefer to Learn?

Educational attainment is correlated with economic success; that is why Millennials value education as they seen this as the foundation and key to having the success they seek. Millennials grew with technology, thus making eLearning appealing for their educational needs. Aside from eLearning, Millennials also want and need to have the capacity to personalize their own working experiences. With the technology we have right now, there are tons of ways to learn from different sources. Millennials like to choose ways that would best fit their learning needs.

How Do Millennials Communicate at Work?

With the evolving ways in communication, Millennials no longer communicate face-to-face all the time. Rather, they use other tools to communicate, including emails, texts, phone calls, and other social media apps. Communicating with technology makes it easier and faster to send and receive messages that need urgent solutions. This doesn’t mean that Generation Y no longer value communicating face-to-face, as this is still very important. But, this shows how easier and creative communicating at the workplace could be.

What Makes Millennials Different From Other Employees or Job Seekers?

Millennials seek growth even if that means growing out of their company. In fact, the average tenure of millennial employees at work is 2 years. One of the major factors why Millennials are more likely to change their job is because they are not willing to stay if they would not grow professionally at their current job. Also, Millennials strongly expect their employers to invest in employee training and seminars and expect promotions faster than other generations because they are driven and have high expectation.

Why Should Employers Hire Millennials?

Employers should consider hiring Millennials as they already comprise over 50% of the workforce. As Millennials continuously seek growth, employers would benefit from this as these employees would want to make an immediate impact in their work. Aside from this, Millennials love to see change and improvement that, even if they have little experience, they would still share their opinions that could help the company. With the constant and fast changing happenings in our world, employers would want to have new and fresh perspective that they could get from the Millennials. These opinions would help the company stay on track, develop, be updated and come up with innovative ideas that would give what the generation needs.

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