Facebook Algorithm for Your Startup

Facebook Algorithm for Your Startup

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Facebook is still number one when it comes to social media. There are billions of active users of the social media site and we want to take advantage of this opportunity to use it for the benefit of your business.

For your startup, you can use Facebook algorithm, which can help you choose and determine what will appear on their News Feed of those billions of Facebook users. If you want your consumers to see your content through social media showing off what your product or service can offer, you may want to consider and understand Facebook algorithm for your business in an office space in the Philippines.

Adjusting your social media strategy with algorithm will surely benefit your startup by making sure that you stay online and visible to your consumers or followers on social media. This way, you can create and share content that your consumers or followers are interested in.

Here are some ways Facebook algorithm might benefit your startup:

Build Your Brand Website

Before you make a Facebook page for your brand or business, you must focus first on your website. Your website will then be linked to your Facebook page so you must ensure to establish a trustworthy and useful website for your customers to visit.

Use Social Media Icons

Using icons instead of words will make your followers remember you more.

Remove Website Ads

A lot of people don’t want to see or encounter unnecessary ads in your website. They easily get irritated by this and we don’t want to push your audiences away from your business. This is where Facebook algorithm is helpful because it helps hide useless and malicious sites from your news feed.

Engage Followers

When you want to engage more followers, creating a blog on your website will be helpful. It is a great way to engage your followers. With the help of your blog, it will be easier for our consumers to give feedback regarding your business. At the same time, it will be easier for you to respond to them and answer their inquiries faster.

Understand Your Reach

Facebook algorithm focuses on prioritizing the posts you see from your friends or family. A lot of businesses located in an office space in Cebu is concerned that what their audience will see is reflected by the majority of their friends’ post on social media.

Use Online Videos

Everything is going digital now. You must engage your consumers to online videos, which can maximize your visibility on Facebook to your followers/consumers. This way, it will be easier for your followers to share you video, which may help your business be noticed and increase your reach.

Facebook algorithm will help you look for and target audiences that watch more videos on a day-to-day basis on Facebook. So how can you do this exactly? Follow these steps:

Upload on Facebook

If you upload your videos directly on Facebook it will have more shares compared to other video sites. And, you will also have organic reach for your videos.

Make Striking Content

The videos on Facebook have an autoplay feature. We want to take advantage of this feature so you must create striking and eye-catching content for your video, so you can immediately capture the interest of your viewers. When they engage immediately with your video, they can easily share it, which results to increased reach.

Keep It Short

Not all your followers have the patience to watch a long video. Keep your video short to increase your videos’ performance on Facebook.

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