Effective Ways to Earn a Promotion

Effective Ways to Earn a Promotion

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Promotion is the result of one’s hard work and competence that comes with a great responsibility. Susan Heathfield, a Human Resources expert, defines promotion as “the advancement of an employee from one job position to another job position that has a higher salary range, a higher level job title, and, often, more and higher level job responsibilities in an organization.”

Climbing up the corporate ladder would mean bigger paycheck, flashier title, and shows how valuable you are to the company. Achieving this should be exerted with effort and could not be achieved with just the snap of your fingers.

Here are some tips and ways on how you can get that sweet promotion:

Check Your Attitude

Attitude plays a huge part when it comes to work and promotion. You should learn how to be a good team player, as the corporate world requires teamwork in order to achieve your company’s goals. Having a negative or pessimistic attitude towards work affects employer’s decision to offer promotion by 62%, as shown in the survey from CareerBuilder.

Know Your Job Well

Be competent and do your craft well. Knowing your job and performing your best shows your dedication and passion at work, thus sending a good impression to your boss. The Muse interviewed different bosses on what they seek in an employee for them to earn a promotion and one boss said, “If I have asked you twice and you don’t pay any attention to what you need to do as a part of your job, I will not see you as valuable or smart.”

Establish Bond with Your Boss

Having a good relationship with your boss would not only affect your work performance in a good way but also your promotion. Your boss is someone who would play a huge part if you are aiming to get a promotion, as they see how you act towards your work and your co-workers.

Work on Yourself

Improve your skills and knowledge in order to become more competent and knowledgeable with your work. Attend seminars and workshops, read books or articles that are related to your work, and learn from your colleagues and superiors. These are just some ways to improve your performance at work. After all, these additional skills will benefit you in the long run.

Remember to Dress Smartly

Attitude and working performance are not the only factors that would determine one’s promotion. How you look on the outside is also being considered, as this would show a lot about your personality. While a lot of the companies are not requiring uniforms anymore, it is still important to dress appropriately, in addition to doing your job right and on time.

Always Show Initiative

Doing your job right is a good thing; but, is it enough? If you work in an office in the Philippines, you probably know that having initiative at work would improve your work performance and show how responsible you are. It shows that you are passionate about your work and you take your responsibilities seriously. Sometimes, even volunteering for work that isn’t yours to do in the first place can make a big difference. But, always remember that you should not confuse initiative with being arrogant and too intrusive.

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