easy ways to perk up that gloomy workspace

Easy Ways to Perk Up That Gloomy Work Space

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You’ve finally found that office to rent in Cebu. And since you will spend most of your working hours in it, why don’t you personalize the space to make it fitter to your taste as well? Here are some useful hacks that will help you in jazzing up the cube.

Does it fit your company’s culture?

Before you decorate, the first thing that you need to consider is the company culture. If it’s a more traditional or conservative company, you’ll have to go minimalist or easy on the décor— no loud artwork or anything distracting. But if you work for a more laid back company (eg. Advertising, marketing or creatives), you have more room to personalize your workspace depending on how you feel it will affect your productivity.

Brighten up the workspace

Are your walls dull and lifeless? Gray walls won’t help in motivating you to stay eight or more hours each day. Uplift the vibe with wallpaper, paint or some colorful fabric. Also, you may hang posters, artworks and pictures of people or scenes that inspire you. Photographs of refreshing scenery or landscape may also reduce stress and improve the overall feel of the floor.

Bring life into your cubicle

Plants will improve the mood of your space. Choose small low-maintenance plants to put that shade of green and life on your desk. You may also opt for fresh bouquets of flowers. A fishbowl with some guppies or goldfish may help you relax and while away the stress— but, don’t forget to clean the bowl and feed the fish. A small lamp with a warm natural light bulb may help to counter your office’s harsh fluorescent lighting.

Decorate to motivate

Decorations may also serve other purposes other than mere aesthetics. Your choice of décor may also inspire you to be more productive.  Framed photos of your loved ones or pets or some inspirational quotes tacked onto your bulletin board not only add visual interest and personality to your space but may also drive you to do your best in your job.

Keep the atmosphere clean and friendly

Maintaining the tidiness of your cubicle will show that you are a professional. To avoid clutter or the occasional misplacing of important stuff, buy organizers, storage boxes, and cool desk containers that jive well with your office’s wall color or area rug. Make visitors and clients feel welcome by having a candy bowl of snacks and treats handy.

Accessorize but don’t go over the top!

Don’t clutter up your desk with all your knick knacks and accessories. After all, this is the office and you are here to work! Also, too much stuff may be an eyesore, and cause more stress rather than reducing it.

Putting a dash of character and personality in your office space in the Philippines may help in bringing that spark of creativity and inspiration you need. We hope these tips will help you in personalizing your space to keep you motivated in accomplishing your tasks each day.

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