Pre-Office Ritual Stay Ahead of Yourself

Designing Your Pre-Office Morning Ritual: 5 Tips to Stay Ahead of Yourself

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The second your eyes open first thing in the morning, the timer of your new day starts ticking. What a person does after they wake up sets the tone of the day, and this could create a big impact on their productivity when they’re in their office space in the Philippines. Starting your day right could give you the right mindset to get through the day valiantly. And that’s why morning rituals are essential to pave way for the success of any individual.

Morning rituals are easier said than done, so here are 5 tips that could equip you in designing a morning ritual that fits you:

Know Yourself

No one-size-fits-all because each person is unique in their own way. Knowing yourself, your lifestyle, and your limitations could guide you in creating a feasible morning ritual that suits you. It’s great to challenge yourself to do something you don’t usually do especially when it’s good for you. But, let it get into your system slowly until it becomes a part of you. If you abruptly change the lifestyle you’re used to, it could become counterproductive because you’re likely to feel overwhelmed and lose the motivation to do what you ought to accomplish.

Commitment Is Key

Committing to do something daily could get you a long way in keeping a morning ritual. Choosing a specific time to do your routine, and choosing to prioritize doing the action at its given schedule could help you set your mind to be consistent in what you’re doing. When your daily alarm or reminder sets off, do it right away before the voice of procrastination gets into your head and tempt you to do it later, the next day, next week, or the day before you pass away.

Make It a Habit

When you look at your everyday life, you can see that you have formed a routine for yourself without even noticing it. According to an article written by James Clear, a behavior science expert, your current state as a person is a result of your own habits. In order to live a good life, you should choose the right habits to live by. When you dedicate your time to do something every day, you will eventually develop your ritual into a habit.

Know the Purpose

For a person to find motivation in doing something for themselves, one must know the purpose of what they’re doing. You have to know the reason why you’re doing something, because it is easier to convince yourself to do something when it makes sense why you’re doing it. You have to keep in mind that this morning ritual is for your benefit, and this could help you in improving yourself.

Do this for Yourself

When you do something for other people, your motivation to do something could be dependent on their feedback. If they don’t appreciate what you’re doing to improve yourself, your willpower to do your morning routine will likely die down. When you are the source of your own motivation, you are not dependent on anyone whether you should continue doing something or not. Do it because you want to. And you deserve to be given the opportunity to become the best version of yourself each day.

As what Friedrich Nietzsche once said, the worst enemy of a person is oneself. Procrastination, inconsistency, and laziness are always there to test your consistency. But, with these tips, you can face these challenges head on, and achieve your desire to create a morning routine and stick with it.

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