Common Traits of a Good Employer

Common Traits of a Good Employer

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It is a known fact that your job performance is affected by lots of factors and your relationship with your employer is considered as one of the leading aspects that might affect your work, according to National Business Research Institute. Even though you love your job so much, when your employer is hard to deal with, it would affect you and your work negatively. Having a good employer is every worker’s dream as this not only motivates you to do better at your craft but also encourages better performance and results.

Here are some traits of good employers that employees aspire for in an office space in the Philippines:

Make Employees Feel That They Are Needed

Everyone seeks a sense of belongingness. It is a good feeling and a booster when you are needed and valued at work – especially when your employer appreciates the work you do for them and the company.

Listen and Ask for Employees’ Insights

Employers who listen and ask for your insights regarding work can make your work life great, especially if they are open to new ideas and feedback. This would help the company and make you feel important at your work. Not only do your employers reach out and respect you, but also show that they care and want their employees to freely express themselves. These acts also show that employers see their employees as partners rather than simply workers.

Understand Work-Life Balance

As hardworking as you are, you cannot spend your entire day and the whole week working. Good employers would understand this and wouldn’t let you spend your weekends working all day. There might be some times wherein you need to sacrifice a rest day to complete your work but one trait that good employers possess is understanding that workers have lives outside of work and employers should not overwork their employees as this would result in burnouts, making them unproductive.

Make Workplace People Friendly

The environment of your workplace affects your performance and well-being. Employee-friendly employers make sure that the work environment is people friendly and that all employees get along well together. There are lots of different attitudes in the workplace but good employers make an effort to turn this into a positive scenario – an environment that cultivates respect and trust.

Give Benefits and Decent Wages

Having good benefits – such as sick leave and bonuses – and decent wages would make employees feel contented and motivated to work. Seeing the amount of your hard work getting paid off is very fulfilling and good employers give what their employees deserve.

Look and Plan for the Future

Preparing for the future of the company is a good characteristic for an employer to possess. Focusing on the current situation of the company is okay but it would be better if employers also look at the future. Employers who care for the company’s well-being would plan early on so that future obstacles would be prevented.

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