Common Mistakes with Influencer Marketing

Common Mistakes Brands Make When Using Influencer Marketing

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Today, a lot of businesses in an office space in the Philippines are using influencer marketing when they want to reach their audiences or target market. They also use it to increase their presence on different social media platforms. However, influencer marketing is only effective when used correctly.

With influencer marketing, you get influential people to promote your brand for you. You must understand that you have to be cautious in building a balance among your product branding and how you get your audience’s interest.

Here are the common mistakes brands make when using influential marketing:

Focusing on the Branding

Yes, you want to promote your brand so people will be aware of it. But it should not stop there. You must also connect with your audience by sharing the same interest and getting their attention. When you get an influencer to promote your brand, you must not limit them on the way they promote your brand.

Of course, as brand owners, you have control on how you want your brand to be promoted. But, you must also trust your influencers because they know better how to connect with their followers. Let your influencers share their personal experience of your brand. Otherwise, what they are saying will look staged or scripted. Everything that your influencer shares about your brand must connect to your audience and must be reliable.

Expecting Too Much

Influencer marketing provides a lot of benefits for your brand. It is okay to be optimistic about this strategy. But, as a business owner in an office space in Cebu, being realistic is essential. Some brand owners expect that once an influencer promotes their brand, they have already reached all of their followers. Remember that not all their followers are your target audience.

Providing Short Deadlines to Influencers

Creating relevant content to target your audience may take time.  So, giving short deadlines to your influencers to create content is a big no-no. Give your influencers a good amount of time to conceptualize and to focus on their creativity and capability to produce new content that’s significant and eye-catching to your audiences.

Not Doing Research

Before launching or creating any social media campaign for your brand, doing the necessary research is crucial. When you have decided to push through with influencer marketing, this does not mean getting whoever brand influencers there is just because they have a lot of followers. Do your research and look for influencers that will fit your campaign. You may also consider looking for influencers that are reliable and create a huge impact to followers.

Not Recognizing Your Influencer’s Efforts

Without your influencers, you won’t be able to campaign for your brand using influencer marketing in the first place. Your influencers dedicate a lot of time for your brand and they make sure that, with their help, you will achieve your goals. So make sure to recognize their time and effort by showing gratitude. Value your influencers as they are the ones who will help you build your brand.

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