choosing the right office layout

Choosing the Right Office Layout

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One of the toughest challenges in the office life is to recreate the layout and redesign the entire space. It is a must for organisations to give the space a new look to create a refreshing environment for employees. Having a functional workspace, however, is not all one need. Getting the right office layout can encourage collaboration which will set a healthy work environment for employees.  It is also a way to establish a corporate culture within the organisation. The task of redesigning the office is challenging, so here are some pointers to keep you on track.


An effective office layout uses space smartly. This means that space can accommodate all the employees and their tasks. Most office space for rent in Cebu not only offers workstations but also conference rooms, break rooms and other communal spaces as part of their affordable monthly rates. Aside from corporate areas like conference and board rooms, there are rooms for informal gatherings like coffee and break rooms where employees can mingle, stretched and take a breather. They should be able to move around the office space with ease.

Business Efficiency

There are office spaces for rent which already includes equipment and furniture. However, some seat leasing providers allow organisations to bring their own equipment and furniture. This is because office layout should be based on business efficiency. The office design should create a workplace that speaks about the business itself. Also, the employee arrangement is based on tasks – people who work together are placed in the same area. Then the type of furniture and equipment is considered. Some businesses may not benefit well in the typical one monitor PC set-up.

Employee Convenience

When redesigning an office space, think about your employees. Remember, it is not enough to just give the space and the resources they need to accomplish a task. There is a need for employees to feel engaged and motivated. Consider practicality and convenience as key points in redesigning for your employees since the office layout can affect their productivity and performance. The office should be a place where employees can stay for hours without getting bored or at least provide a space for them to be motivated and be focused. A healthy work environment can produce happy employees and those who are happy are obviously more productive.

Closed or Open Office

There is no such thing as a layout that works for all because businesses vary as well as their needs. Redesigning the office space can be a major debate over open or closed office space. Seat leasing in the Philippines found out that there are benefits and downsides in any of the two. Open office layouts are good for businesses whose workers need a collaborative work environment. This setup allows easy flow of ideas and communication among colleagues. Traditional layout or closed office setup, on the other hand, is a place for businesses whose employees need extreme focus and concentration with as little to no distractions as possible.

Some organisations would mix open and closed office layouts so they can create a collaborative work environment while employees can still have privacy of their own space. Again, there is no single layout that can work for all but the best office design is the one that’s tailor-fit to the business and employees needs.

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