Cheer up That Drab Space With These Bright Office Hacks

Cheer up That Drab Space With These Bright Office Hacks

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After so many months of working in your house, you’ve finally hit it big and found your office to rent in Cebu. And now, since your work hours and majority of your days (nights) will be spent inside this space, why don’t you glam up the space to make it more fun and to fit your personality or brand image?

Here are some really cool tips to help you in turning that space into a place you’ll love working in:

Does Your Space Suit Your Brand Image or Your Business Culture?

Before you start buying your decorations, the first thing that you need to understand is your company culture. If it’s conservative and if you want to play it old school, you’ll have to be minimalistic or easy on the décor – no artwork that will bombard the eyes and senses and nothing too loud and vulgar. But if you work for a more easygoing company, you have more room to jazz up your workspace depending on how it will affect everyone’s productivity.

Let There Be Light in the Workplace

Are your walls full of gloom and sadness? Lonely walls won’t help in hyping you to work for eight or more hours each day of your life. Liven up the vibe with paint or some nice wallpapers. Also, you may hang décor that will cheer you up or inspire you.  Pictures of fresh scenery or places may also lessen stress and perk up the mood of the floor.

Put Life in the Cubicle

Putting plants or flowers will help improve the mood of your cubicle. Choose small, easy-to-maintain plants to put that hint of green and life in your workspace. You may also go for fresh flowers or an aquarium with fish in it. Having small lamp that emits soft, natural light may help to counter your office’s blinding fluorescent lights.

Use Decorations to Help Motivate You

Office decor may serve a better purpose other than mere beautification. The décor you use may also inspire your staff to work happily.  Framed photos of your family, friends, lovers or pets, or some motivational quotes posted onto your bulletin board not only add personality to your space but may also help in driving productivity for your staff.

Maintain a Clean and Clutter-Free Work Environment

Keeping your cubicle clean and mess-free will reflect that you are mature and professional. To lessen clutter from building up or the occasional misplacing of important stuff, use drawers, labeled boxes or organizers. Also, trendy desk containers that match well with your office’s wall color or flooring makes the space cleaner looking.

Accessorize but Never Ever Be Too Cartoonish or Exaggerated!

Don’t mess up your work space with all your stuff and accessories. Always remember, this is the office and not a place for play! Also, too much clutter may end up being an eyesore and cause more stress instead of lessening it.

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