Cebu The Best Tourist and Seat Leasing Spot

Cebu: The Best Tourist and Seat Leasing Spot

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Starting up a business can be very costly; however, there are ways that you cut down the costs. One of which is to explore the options of affordable seat leasing in Cebu, Philippines. What makes Cebu a good place to start up a business? Here are the reasons why Cebu is one of the most attractive locations for start-ups and small businesses.


Cebu is one of the most attractive destinations — not just for tourists but also for foreign business owners. Cebu prides itself of her famous Sinulog festival, the white sand beaches, the delicacies of the south and the adventures offered in the northern part. This is a city that is hours away from beaches, minutes away from restaurants and malls. So when the busy streets and the city lights stress you out, you know the escape is only hours away. These are what make Cebu one of the top tourist spots in the Philippines.

Business owners, especially start-ups, find Cebu a smart location to jumpstart their business because of the following reasons:

  • Infrastructure – Cebu is typically like Manila, only lesser traffic congestion. There are countless condominiums built, and some are still building, IT centres, and many office spaces in Cebu. The Cebu local government is actively putting in place infrastructure facilities for economic growth.
  • Start-Up Community –  The Queen City of the South also offers various co-working spaces for entrepreneurs and hosts start up communities for small business owners to meet up and collaborate business strategies.


Cebu offers a variety of condominiums, hotels and apartments that are both affordable and of good quality. Aside from that, most of these residential properties are close to malls, cinemas, restaurants, gyms and parks and the airport — which means you won’t have to travel far or get stuck in heavy traffic just to eat your favourite food, watch the latest movies or get physically fit in the gym. This city keeps you and your business healthy. And when you decide to relax and unwind, getting to a white sand beach, diving with whale sharks, jumping off a cliff or canyoneering are just few hours away from the city. You can also visit historic places and churches if you are not the adventurous type.

Pool of Talents

Cebu houses a number of universities that produce thousands of graduates every year. Studies show that there are more than 10,000 graduates in Cebu alone every year and most fresh graduates often look at working in a BPO company as a primary option. This makes Cebu a good place to put up roots for your business, especially if you need a great pool of talents.

  • English proficiency – The Philippines, as a whole, ranks first in the use of Business English according to a study by Global English. In its annual Business English Index, 98 percent of the country’s population are English speakers, which makes the Philippines a strategic place to hire BPO workers specialising in customer service, technical support and back office tasks.

Business Laws

The Philippines has a Senate Bill that spares eligible start-up businesses from paying local and national taxes on the first two years of their operations in the Philippines.

Cebu is more than just a good item in your travel bucket list, but is also a worthy business destination. Start your business now at the Queen City of the South!

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