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How to Build Your Dream Office as a Young Entrepreneur

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Young businessmen usually don’t like the idea of having a traditional office. It’s because of the notion that it creates the feeling of being stuck in the corporate routine. However, if you do it correctly your office can turn into a home away from home where you can explore your creativity. Keep in mind that [...] Read More

Facing the Challenges of Growth: Ways to Manage a Growing Team

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Many multi-national companies—and, yes, some of the biggest—have humble beginnings in their office space in the Philippines. A business usually starts with a small core group that shares the same vision. Eventually, after a few years of hard work and a bit of luck, the group turns into a horde. And while this may be [...] Read More

6 Great Reasons to Grow your Business in a Coworking Space

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The popularity of shared office and co-work spaces has gone up – not only in Manila but Cebu as well. This newer model is slowly replacing the traditional workplace set up which most of us are used to and has great appeal for small businesses and start-ups. Most shared workspaces embrace the concept of an [...] Read More

How to Deal with Millennials in Your Office Space in the Philippines

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The term “millennials in your office space in Cebu” usually reminds us of open work spaces complete with bean bags, bars, and free coffee. Some may think of it as a place where stylish, creative types spend more time procrastinating than working. No matter what your impression is of millennials, they are fast becoming the [...] Read More

Questions to Ask when Getting an Office to Rent in Cebu

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Choosing an office space in Cebu can pose a challenge for startups, and any decision you make have a positive or negative effect on how you operate your business. If you choose a location that’s quite off-the-grid, for instance, you may have problems in leading potential clients and partners who may want to drop by [...] Read More

How to Save Yourself in Times of Work Pressure

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The higher you’ve gone up the corporate ladder in your office space in the Philippines, the more you’ll be required to extend work until the wee hours in the office. If you’re putting in a lot of effort during your shifts, it will be nice to know that you can combine learning and two years [...] Read More

Maximize your Office Space with these Helpful Tricks

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Whether you're working for a BPO or in-house, majority of us dwelling in offices leased in Cebu have workstations and offices are way smaller than we wanted it to be. Fret no more! Here’s how you get the most from your office space in Cebu, no matter how space-challenged it is. Do the purge Mess [...] Read More

Four Fast Ways to Deal with Negative People

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You know these “Negatrons”— and every single office space in the Philippines has some—and you can always avoid their impact on your positive outlook by avoiding them. Truth be told, you don’t have any good reason to hang around with people overflowing with negativity and it's a fact that like the common cold, negativity is [...] Read More

Put the Zen In Your Office Space in the Philippines With These Cool Stuff

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How to Put the Zen In Your Office Space in the Philippines Do you know that close to 100,000 hours of our lives revolve around our jobs? It may be a depressive fact, but it is true. In fact, our jobs put a toll on our lives by being the main reason for us to [...] Read More

How to Cheer Up a Low-Spirited Work Force

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Your office space in Cebu is the starting point for you and your staff to build a teamwork, have camaraderie and interact with people of same interests. However, when the environment turns hostile due to the amount of stress, the workplace may suddenly affect the mood of the staff negatively, making them feel pressured, tired [...] Read More

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