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Redesigning Your Office Space

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Seat leasing or renting an office space can help organisations save large amount when it comes to furnishing and space maintenance. It can be very beneficial to businesses especially for start-ups and small-scale establishments. However, there are downfalls in seat leasing in the Philippines. There is the limited space as well as the very limited [...] Read More

Office Trend: Co-working Spaces

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Sometimes, office lease in Cebu do not make sense, like for freelancers and on-the-go entrepreneurs. This is the primary reason why most of them work at home or at coffee shops. It may be a good alternative at first but in the long run, they may feel detached from their home office or even have [...] Read More

Office Trend: The Perks of Standing Desks

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The typical, conventional office set up is sitting down, with chairs in the work stations. However, there are reports of employees developing health complication with this set up. According to studies, sitting for more than 5 hours can result in detrimental health conditions. Though some employees resort to working out in the gym or any [...] Read More

Office Trend: Creative Workspaces

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Typically, companies would stick to traditional office design while some prefer to innovate creative workspaces for employees. This office trend has given many organisations an opportunity to brainstorm and collect ideas to make the workplace a welcoming and homey environment. This is a way to motivate employees to go to work. Studies show that office [...] Read More

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