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The Types of Animals You Meet in the Workplace and How to Handle Them

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During my first few months as a businessman delving into start-ups in an office space in Cebu, a business partner introduced me to a concept that compared people to prominent animals and the workplace as the corporate jungle. His main concept was that, as a business owner, I was going to have to engage with [...] Read More

6 Effective Ways to Motivate Teamwork

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Chances are a team that is high in morale and motivation is very productive. It has been proven, time and time again. Keep in mind that your staff are the prime movers and the most crucial aspect of your office space in the Cebu. If you need to produce great results, you have to put [...] Read More

5 Creative Office Spaces in Philippine Designs for 2018

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While there will be lots of previews and articles coming out tackling the design trends for the year ahead, it's kind of relevant that we go past the basic workplace trends that will be hip and look at what may be the “in” things in the world of design for 2018. We take a deeper [...] Read More

Reasons to Choose a Fully Functional Serviced Office

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When you look for an office space in Cebu, the best bet is for your business to choose a workplace that’s fully functional and serviced. What you are required to have in order to take advantage of a fully-serviced office or may differ from renting a spot for a short project or from renting the [...] Read More

How to Nail A Positive Attitude In Your Office Space In The Philippines

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All of us who’ve been employed have had those days where work feels like the worst thing that could ever happen to our lives. Though it is a given fact that we are lucky to have jobs and know that life requires work to thrive, sometimes we just get too fed up and have to [...] Read More

Questions to Ask Before Glamming Up the Office with Your Tight Budget

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It is really fun for an entrepreneur who’s starting a new business to have his own spanking new office space in the Cebu; the next step being functional and conducive for work. But before you embrace the latest furniture and equipment trends for your new office, you should keep track on your start-up budget first. In [...] Read More

Out Of The Box Ways To Free Up More Office Space

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When you consider renting an office space in Cebu by square foot, any chance to maximize your office floor space is an opportunity to save some of your budget. Sounds really tempting, right? But do you have a strategy in place on how to stave off those square meters from your floor plan to help [...] Read More

Open Office Space or Cubicles: 3 Differentiations to Help You Decide

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For the past twenty years, cubicles have started losing its popularity in most office spaces in the Philippines. What was originally created to be the ideal template for a “productive office floor plan” has begun losing popularity among the millennial demographic. Recently, we’ve seen a rise on the popularity of the open office model due [...] Read More

Real Talk: Why Your Office Space In Cebu Must Have a Virtual Data Room

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Different industries both small and large have seen the benefits of setting up a virtual data room. Even government institutions have started following suit with their intention to keep their data secure from breeches. Here are some reasons why you and your company should also do so. File safety Aside from having a venue for [...] Read More

Prevent Boredom, Kill Time With These Useful Tips

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Maybe you were able to hit your deadlines in your office space in the Philippines with lots of time to spare. Maybe there’s not much to do this work week. Whatever it is, you are bored, and procrastination is not a really good thing to do in the work place. Instead of playing Mobile Legends […]

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