Business Expansion Think Cebu

Business Expansion? Think Cebu

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Growing and expanding a business is a milestone and is something worth celebrating. Business expansion enables organisations to cater to a larger market, offer more services and improve customer interaction. Everyone aims for their company to grow and expand not just because it is an additional value to the business, but because it’s an indication of good business performance.

It’s all good and great — business expansion. The primary concern is how to do it right. Location and cost are the top priorities when it comes to expanding businesses among the other factors that need to be considered before making the big move. Organisations found that one of the most effective ways to expand their business is through outsourcing or offshoring their services.

Today, the Philippines is one of the top BPO and outsourcing destinations in the world. With cities like Manila and Cebu, the country has changed the face of BPO. Both cities house a number of BPO and outsourced companies. What makes Cebu a better choice compared to its larger cousin, Manila? What is in Cebu that will help businesses expand better and succeed?

Cebu is not traffic congested

Unlike Manila, Cebu is not traffic congested, sparing businesses from the heavy traffic and longer travels to the office. Manila, being the capital city of the country, has become the trading hub of large industries, making it more populated and crowded. Cebu, on the other hand, has made developments and is now becoming a more popular choice for industries that want a less dense city to put up a businesses.

Cebu’s economic boom is attracting many businesses

A strong infrastructure, lots of buildings and other facilities are now visible in the city, offering business owners a wide range of options that will fit their target location and budget needs. One of the contributing factor in the economic boom in Cebu is the OFW remittance as well as the support of the growing IT-BPO industry in the locality. Because of these, many entrepreneurs have invested in building office spaces for rent in Cebu for companies who would offshore or outsource their businesses in the city.

Cebu’s government is in full support for foreign and local businesses

The Philippines has passed a senate bill, exempting foreign businesses from paying local taxes for the first two (2) years of their operations in the country. This is just one of the perks foreign business owners can get when they choose to expand their business in the Philippines. Aside from that, Cebu also holds gatherings and has communities for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Cebu start-up communities have helped many businesses grow, and the communities are still stirring — helping organisations in one way or another.

Why not think of a location where economy has stability and the industry is healthy? Aside from these facts, there are a lot of options where a business can expand — through the cost-efficient Seat leasing in Cebu or office spaces available in the city. There’s so much Cebu City can offer. Come and visit the Queen City of the South and expand your business with us!

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