The Science of Office Design

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Employees spend most of their time in a day at the office, where they see things solely in terms of its function. With the revelations of neuroscience, social science, and behavioral science that workspace design such as space, light, and nature have a profound influence to the employees’ productivity, creativity, and more importantly, their health. […]

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Smart Methods to Raise Your Business Value

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Have you ever started to plan out a business for a significant amount of time only to realize that its market value is lesser than what you imagined? You’re not alone in this. Many business owners find themselves in this situation more often than you think. They work hard to get their business to where […]

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7 Types of Customers and How to Make Them Buy More

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In the retail industry, we constantly face the challenge of trying to find new customers so we make sure that our advertising, displays, and pricing will attract customers. It’s simply because customers are the reason why a business exists. Without them, either a business closes down or why start a business in the first place? […]

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10 Human Practices that Result to Good Business Practices

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Nowadays people are being careful on which brand to root for and from whom they would have to spend their hard-earned cash. They want to have their own values align with the values of the company they are buying from. For a business, running and scaling will always be challenging but it’s much easier if […]

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7 Simple Rules a Good Team Player Abides

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Have you been in a situation where your colleague passes all the work to you and, when something goes wrong, has no qualms whatsoever to pin everything on you? Or when the results turned out impressive, he is quicker than a gazelle to pounce and grab the credit of a job well done. It can […]

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What to Do When your Startup Business is Ready to Have its Own Office

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Every startup experiences rapid growth and all of a sudden working space is no longer suitable. Finding the right space to lease and firming it up can pose a challenge for a new entrepreneur. But beforehand, your startup may be ready to rent its own space, but you should consider the business owner as well [...] Read More
Perk up Office Coffee with These Practical Hacks

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If you work in a corporate setting, you are most likely in an office space in Cebu that either has no free coffee or just makes do with a stash of 3-in-1 coffee mixes in the pantry. If you are lucky to have free brewed Joe, it falls somewhere between "drinkable" and "very bad." Usually, [...] Read More
10 Things a Strong Team Won’t Say at Work

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Our office space Philippines today are becoming more and more collective – bringing out a culture of collaboration and teamwork. It’s not only important that you have very skilled and smart employees, it’s also important you have employees who work strongly together as a team. Strong teams focus on achieving their goals and getting the [...] Read More
How to Choose Your Business Computer

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Every business differs in terms of needs and challenges. Each has unique and specific requirements. Good thing business desktop computers are very customizable, allowing you to adjust your personal computers to your exact needs. Other than that, there are also different types of features that may be better suited for your personal choice such a [...] Read More
5 Reasons Why You Should Organize Your Work Desk Today

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Organizing your work desk enables you to get your work done in the right way. It is something you should do before anything else, so that when you start doing your stuff it won’t get mixed up. Maintaining your work desk organized is one of the best practices you should implement and you should consider [...] Read More
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