before you seal the seat leasing deal

Before You Seal the Seat Leasing Deal

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Finding the best office space for rent in Cebu for your business is no joke. Many businesses are already offering seat leasing services and office space rental, some even allow organisations to lease staff. There are a lot of promising seat leasing deals out there. But the question is, is that the best deal for your business? Before signing the seat leasing deal, here are a few considerations you need to think of.

Establish Your Needs

A clear business plan determines the location advantages and the type of office your business requires. Think about the possibilities of business growth and expansion, transportation access for your employees, parking space, technology requirements and so on. Looking for an office is not only limited to location but also the neighbourhood. Are there enough restaurants or food services nearby? Are the location of the office and its neighbourhood safe for the business and its people? Also, you will need to think of the competition in the area. Remember, aside from growing your business, it is your responsibility to provide a safe and secure workplace for your employees.

Create Your Team

You can always look in the internet for available office spaces in the area of your choice but it is recommended that you seek help from licensed brokers handling real estate, to help you find the best deals. You may also get assistance from real estate attorney to help you with the legalities in a seat leasing deal.

Estimate the Costs

When your team already has a list of offices for lease in Cebu, you can compare the price and estimate the costs. The calculation should include the monthly rental, utility bills, renovation expenses, and other expenditures that may not be part of the seat leasing or office leasing deal. Also, it is important to include possible expansion costs.

Find the Right Time

Looking for the perfect office space is not that easy. It’s not something that you can do overnight as well, it takes time. There is a long list of factors that will affect the timeline, factors like market conditions, availability of the property, renovation period and much more. One thing that businesses will have to invest in looking for the best office space aside from money is time.

Determine Your Financial Status

Now this is going to be serious. When it comes to leasing, property owners and landlords tend to choose the most financially secure lessee. They will usually ask for a security deposit, which is very typical, while others may even ask for financial references and bank statements to ensure your capacity to pay your dues.

Keep Your Options Open

If your numbers say you cannot rent a full office yet, don’t worry, there are plenty of other options out there. You may want to explore co-working spaces or shared offices for your business instead of spending a large amount for an office space. There are so many seat leasing providers offering flexible leasing terms and rate, all you need to do is keep your options open.

It’s not going to be all sunshine when it comes to opening up a business or looking for an office space. There will always be obstacles along the way but with the right attitude and practices, you’ll surely find one that will work best for your company.

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