beat the stress how to take it easy in the workplace

Beat The Stress: How to take it easy in the workplace

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Even if you really love what you are doing, your job will always have some stressful elements. We all experience pressure to meet deadlines or to fulfill some challenging obligations, but when the stress becomes overwhelming, it might affect your productivity as well as your health. You can’t always avoid the pressures connected to your job. Yet, there are steps you need to take to make stress manageable in your office space in the Philippines.

Track the roots of stress

Identify which situations stress you the most and how you respond to them. Taking notes may help you find patterns among your stressors and your reactions to them.

Respond healthily

Do not fight stress with fast food or alcohol, do your best to make healthy choices when you feel the tension rise. Exercise is known to fight stress. Also, make time to indulge in your hobbies. Always set aside time for the things that bring you pleasure. Getting quality sleep is also important in fighting stress.

Separate life from work

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to be stressed out by the most trivial matters. Make sure to have a balance by separating life from work. People may have different preferences when it comes to how much they blend their work and home life, but any good effort may reduce the potential for work-life conflict and the stress it brings


Though it is fun to work in your office space in Cebu, you still need time to replenish and return to your pre-stress state. This recovery process can be done by switching of anything work related or even thinking about work. Don’t let your vacation leaves go to waste. Take your time off to relax and unwind. Once you come back to work, you’ll feel reinvigorated and ready to perform at your best. When you’re not able to take time off, turn off your smartphone and try doing something non-work related for a moment.

Learn how to relax

You can use techniques such as meditation, prayer, deep breathing exercises and mindfulness (it is a process where you focus on and observe what is happening around you such as experiences and thoughts without judging them) to help melt away stress. You may start by taking a few minutes each day to focus on mundane activities such as breathing, walking or enjoying your favorite meal. Being able to focus at will on a single activity without distraction will get stronger with practice and you’ll soon discover that you can apply it to many different aspects of your life and work.

Work with immediate superiors and colleagues

Find employer-sponsored wellness programs you can join. Also, talking to your superiors may help you in clarifying what’s expected of you and what you expect from them.  Also you may get support from colleagues to help you in enriching your job or by making changes to your physical workspace to make it more comfortable and more stress-free.

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