Basic Tips for a Greener Work Place

Basic Tips for a Greener Work Place

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An environment-friendly workplace is a healthier and more pleasant place to work in. Actually, being sustainable and leaving a lighter carbon footprint help improve the bottom line. It doesn’t matter if you’re the big shot or part of the staff in your office space in Cebu, whether your office has adopted going green already or still needs to be enlightened, here are some practical tips that can lay the foundation for a healthier, greener office.

Lessen Paper Use

When you purchase paper to use for printing, choose recycled paper. When using the paper, maximize its use by printing on both sides. You can also use misprints as note paper. Also, go for printers and photocopiers that can print on both sides of the page. Another thing you can do is to reuse boxes and utilize shredded paper as material for packing.

Go Green in Terms of Supplies

The use of paper cannot be avoided, so instead of buying envelopes and folders, you may reuse them. Choose pens and pencils that are made of recycled raw materials, and choose pens and markers that you can refill. Order supplies in bulk so that the wastes that result from shipping and packaging are lessened and recycle the boxes. Choose to recycle your printer cartridges. Remember, recycled materials are also more budget-friendly.

Consider a Greener Office Design

Turning your workplace green can lead you to explore endless possibilities. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps or those popular energy saving LED lamps. Also, research states that utilizing natural daylight as a free source of office light helps improve productivity by boosting staff’s outlook and health and providing better air quality. Proper ventilation helps you save on bills connected to air conditioning and use non-toxic, and environment friendly materials for your furnishings to help your staff become healthier.

Bring Your Own Lunch

Opt to bring your “baon” to the office in containers that you can wash and reuse after. This option is perhaps the most sustainable and environment friendly way to eat at work. Fast-food delivery and takeout usually results with a mound of Styrofoam and plastic waste. However, if there is no choice but fast-food delivery, join your staff in placing a large order, which saves more money and effort than when you do individual orders.

Have Others Involved in a Greener Vision

Pass these tips on to your workmates. Organize your staff into doing a carpool to save on gas or encourage them to use bikes to commute. Ask those in charge of supplies to choose fair-trade coffee and organic supplies for the office pantry. Also, make sure that your staff have their own recycling bin so that they can recycle instead of just throwing away waste paper. Encourage your officemates to bring their own or provide reusable mugs or glasses to save money and be more environment-friendly by lessening or removing the need for paper cups.

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