Avoid These Toxic Behaviors at Work

Avoid These Toxic Behaviors at Work

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Getting fired because of your behavior at work is true and possible. Some employees repeatedly fail at work by displaying arrays of behavior that may be harmful for the business.

Here is a list of some toxic behavior that you can avoid to help your office space in the Philippines and your employees be successful:


If someone from your work is aggressive, do you think you can work peacefully? Of course not. Having an aggressive co-employee will make others feel unsafe, which can directly affect the way they work and communicate with each other.


If an employee has too much self-focus, it may affect with the development of a progressive environment when it comes to negotiation with other people.


When people don’t give what they have already committed in doing, you will lose trust in them, which will lead to you not trusting any of their decisions anymore.


Personal organization is needed for employees who work in an office space in Cebu so they can meet a company’s work requirements. They need focus, discipline, and structure.

Resistance to Change

Every business requires consistent adaptation to change. For an organization to be successful, it must be open to transformation.

How Can You Avoid These Toxic Behaviors at Work?

One of the best ways to deal with toxic people at work is to prevent it. Here are some ways to help you do that:

  • You can use several practices to prevent people with toxic behaviors being hired in the first place. Various methods like self-assessment and test may help you and your company identify possible problems. Doing a background check and calling references will help too.
  • While it is best to prevent hiring people with toxic behaviors, it also helps to identify the problems early on so you can resolve it before it gets worse.
  • If the first and second ways are not effective, the only solution left is to let the person go before he can do more damage.

There are reasons why business owners have a hard time identifying their employees’ toxic behavior. Let’s say in an interview, the process has a poor recognition for these kinds of behaviors. The candidate will have a tendency to hide or conceal this behavior since they are aware that they are being observed during an interview.

Another factor is that the references that they put in the resumes’ are not as reliable as we may think. They can just simply put the names of people that they are close with without you even knowing.

Those employees who are aware that they have these toxic behaviors might think of something to resolve it. You can talk to your bosses or even professionals that might be able to help you cope with this.

For the business owners or managers that handle employees with these toxic behaviors, you may want to consider talking to the involved employee and helping them find a resolution for this. You can put them into training or communicate and be open with them as, at this point in their lives, having someone that can help them will be essential.

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