A Look at Meetings in the Millenial Age

A Look at Meetings in the Millenial Age

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Welcome to the 2010s where all aspects of our world has evolved, thanks to the continuous shifting of technology. Picture working in your modern day office space in Cebu without the convenience of high speed Internet and your access to the cloud and your mobile devices. As any business owner can testify, the usual business processes like operations, communications, and even your presentations have all been changed by technological advances.

A Look Back Into the Past

A few decades ago, the office and the meeting room were places where you will find typewriters, and presentations were done with the help of an overhead projector. Presentations were done manually. Notes, content, and ad copy were written by hand. Everything had an air of simplicity in it, and communication was more interpersonal. But, things were rather inconvenient and the meetings were limited by the presence of who were physically available at the time.

Looking back at the 80s to the 90s, how we met and presented was based in accordance to what we can make do in such a limited work space. Since everything was lacking in terms of technology, it also became quite challenging to communicate larger ideas as workspaces grew.

When the last decade of the 20th century came, the technology we used in the office continued to improve. We were then able to carry our laptops to meetings and show off our PowerPoint skills during presentations.

Then Came the Current Decade

When we were working in the 2000s, in order for your presentation to have a punch or a more convincing power, you must invest a lot of budget to afford meeting room technology. This was the time in which a lot of businesses bought super expensive gear, thinking that technology would be so advanced that you could still use it for years and years to come. But, with things today evolving so fast, technological advancements become obsolete as newer and more affordable versions make their appearance in the market.

This Decade and the Future

Let’s move forward to the current year, 2017. Nowadays, there are lots of mobile applications and programs that enable you to spread your ideas through the Internet to your partners no matter where they are as located as long as they have Internet connection.

Presently, if you have an office space in the Philippines or wherever, you can communicate with clients and prospects from any side of the planet using platforms such as Skype. Info and data can now be communicated in a much more interactive way – in real time – thanks to the cloud and other types of new technology.

As we look at it, the modern conference room has become a melting pot of the latest technologies. From whiteboard markers and plastic slides, we’ve moved forward to an era of mobile devices to communicate with the people involved in our projects. Video conferencing is the thing right now – an omen of the death of the physical conference room as we know it.

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