10 Ways to Win Over your Boss Without Being a Suck-Up

10 Ways to Win Over your Boss Without Being a Suck-Up

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How you interact with your superiors will be one of the paths to success and having a fruitful career.It also helps in how your relationship fares with your co-employees in your office space in the Philippines.

The skills of supervisors and managers fall in different levels.  Some suck at how they treat you as a person, while there are those who are warm and loving.

So, how do build a strong, meaningful and productive relationship with your bosses?

Below are some pieces of advice that you may follow for a healthy relationship with “The Man” or “The Woman.”

The Importance of Trust

Deliver what you promise.  Inform your boss about your timeline and deadlines.  Don’t surprise your boss with problems you may have communicated before.

Prioritize Your Boss

What’s good for the organization may be good for you.  What are the goals of your boss?  How will the success of your department bring you closer to reaching your dreams?

Be Honest to Your Boss

Cover-ups never work. Things will come out no matter what. The best you can do is to be honest.

Your Boss Is a Person. Get to Know Them as Such

You can have a better relationship with your boss if you embrace the fact that they share the same human experiences as you do.

Look at Your Boss’ Good Side

Each boss possesses two attitudes – good and bad.  If you only look at the bad side, it will cloud perception and may lead to your disdain for the company despite the good intentions behind it.

Value Your Boss

If you want to be treated right, value other people. The same principle applies to your boss.

Accept the Fact That Bosses May Not Change Their Ways

They wouldn’t reach the top if it weren’t for who they are so why change? The best thing you can do is to learn how your boss works, as well as style. Once you find out, try to adapt.

If There’s a Person to Listen to and Learn From, It’s Your Boss

Even if you doubt your boss, you need to consider the fact that he or she was promoted to this position by the company.  Promotions are something that someone earns because of their valuable contributions or because they possess special skills crucial to the business. If there is someone you can learn from on how to pull the strings, it is none other than your boss. Instead of speaking more, learn to listen.

Never Hold a Grudge Against Your Boss, or Anyone in the Company

There will always be times when disagreements will happen.  Don’t sow seeds of hatred and never threaten to leave.  Occasional disagreement is okay, holding a grudge is not.  Also, remember who’s the boss.

Learn to Read Your Boss’ Mood

Learning to read between the lines can help you in having better communication with your boss.  Know the right timing when it comes to sharing new concepts or for asking advice.  If the boss is busy, learn to step back for a moment and wait.  Remember that your boss is a very busy individual. The best thing for you to do than bothering them from time to time is to schedule a weekly meeting to share ideas.

Ask Your Boss to Give Feedback on Your Output

Truth be told, your boss may not know about your contributions unless you make them aware of it.

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