10 Ideal People In Your Professional Network

10 Ideal People In Your Professional Network

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The people you surround yourself could create a big impact on your success. In nature, the survival of the fittest is present among organisms. Those who have well-adapted environments have higher chance of survival compared to those who haven’t. Even in your office space in the Philippines, this idea is applicable, but instead of having the need to fight to the death, a broad professional network is essential for survival. A professional network could be the source of growth in your business, improvement in your career, and help at times of trials.

Here are 10 types of people whom you should have in your professional network:

The Encouragers

Dreams could let you set your eyes on a goal, but words of encouragement could keep your fire going even during the strongest storms. When facing challenges, encouragers keep you optimistic. These people are essential to have in your professional network because they could serve as your energy chargers when you start to burnout.

The Skeptic

Having someone who will respond positively in your plans and ideas is important. But, having a skeptic around is more beneficial at times. These people could be a devil’s advocate that could help you see things in another light and help you spot possible pitfalls in your plans. They may seem like predators waiting to devour you when you commit mistakes. But, they’re actually helping you make a foolproof plan.

The Role Model

Every successful person looked up to someone in their field of expertise at some point in their lives. Role models in your network could give you a standard on what level of success you want to achieve or surpass. You can also acquire wisdom and knowledge from their achievements and mistakes. A person could grow through learning from your own experiences and the experiences of others.

The Recruiter

Recruiter relationships certainly come in handy to those who are job hunting, because it opens the window of opportunities. Even when you are not looking for a job, it is still essential because recruiters could give you a different view of your marketability, your market value, and your progress financially and professionally.

The Human Resources

In the workplace, questions and concerns are often escalated to the Human resources department. HR people are great additions to your network, because their insights could help enlighten you in your queries regarding employee relations and during certain workplace situations. They are also ideal people to brainstorm with when it comes to issues concerning the welfare of the employees.

The Market Expert

People who are experts on their field know exactly what their respective markets need and they have developed the eyes to spot qualified individuals. In your network, it is ideal to be aware about the different types of market experts, because you never know when you’ll need their expertise.

The Partner on Lookout

In your professional network, it is ideal to have people you can easily tap during dire situations. At work, there are a lot of things that needs to be done, and it would be good to have people you can count on when the need arises. Having partners on lookout could help you accomplish different challenges effectively and efficiently. These people could give you tips and feedback to improve your work.

The Industry Buddy

Industry buddies are the ones who would guide you within your company. Having colleagues who know the ins and outs of the organization as a part of your network could raise your survival rate. These people could educate you about the things you need to know regarding your company and the people within the system.

The Change Ally

In businesses, a lot of things could happen. For survival, you must strive to thrive in the face of change. This is where change allies are helpful: during changes, they could share your enthusiasm and spirit. These people could also help encourage you at times of troubles, and they could also help you keep your sanity during crises.

The Connector

Making connections is essential in a business. As much as it is crucial for you to have a wide professional network, it would be useful to have someone that fits in that description as well. Connectors could recommend to you the right people to fill in the needs of your company. They also play a valuable role in expanding your professional network.

Knowing a wide variety of people gives you an upper hand in the industry, but you shouldn’t stop there. Aside from expanding your professional network, make sure to maintain them as well. It is fundamental to keep these connections because you never know when you might need them.

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